What’s on in Ballarat this week (20 Dec – 5 Jan)

This is our last post for 2019, bringing you 17 days’ worth of events. Check out our full event calendar for hundreds more! We’ll be back with a fresh post on 9 January. Happy New Year!

Friday 20th December, 2019

Saturday 21st December, 2019

Sunday 22nd December, 2019

Monday 23rd December, 2019

Tuesday 24th December, 2019

Wednesday 25th December, 2019

Thursday 26th December, 2019

Friday 27th December, 2019

Saturday 28th December, 2019

Sunday 29th December, 2019

Monday 30th December, 2019

Tuesday 31st December, 2019

Wednesday 1st January, 2020

Thursday 2nd January, 2020

Friday 3rd January, 2020

Saturday 4th January, 2020

Sunday 5th January, 2020

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