FAQ and Support


Registration and login

I’m having trouble registering for an account or logging in, can you help?

  1. Did you use the account registration form?
    YES – good, continue to next step.
    NO – if it doesn’t look familiar, then you need to register.
  2. Did you receive a confirmation email from us?
    YES – good, continue to next step.
    NO – check your spam folder, filters, and whitelist ballaratbuzz.com.au if necessary. If you can’t find it anywhere you can also request that we resend the confirmation email.
  3. Check the confirmation email. Does it mention a “newsletter” and ask you to “confirm your subscription”?
    YES – you are subscribed to our newsletter, but you don’t have an account on our site. You need to register.
    NO – good, continue to next step.
  4. Did you click the confirmation link?
    YES – You should be able to sign in. If not, continue to the next step.
    NO – we hate to state the obvious, but you should click it.
  5. Did you see an error message about “Invalid activation key”?
    YES – that means the link has expired. You need to resend the confirmation email.
  6. Have you forgotten your password?
    YES – you can recover your password. We also suggest saving the password in your browser, or using a tool like LastPass.

If you still have trouble with registration and login, please contact us and provide any error messages you receive, or a screenshot of the page where you get stuck, including the web address bar at the top of your browser.

Using Ballarat Buzz

Does Ballarat Buzz have a mobile app?

No, but it should be easy to use the website on your mobile device. You might want to bookmark today’s events on your phone’s home screen.

How can I add events to my Google, Outlook or iCloud Calendar?

On individual event pages, click on one of these buttons:

+ Google Calendar, + ical export

Use “ical export” for Outlook or iCloud (Apple OSX and iOS) calendars, then if necessary choose to open the file in your calendar app.

On multiple event pages (such as category or venue pages), the “Export Events” button at the bottom of the page provides a live-updated feed of events to your preferred calendar app.

ballarat events - live calendar updates

With Outlook or iCloud Calendar, or on your mobile device, simply click on the button and follow the instructions to open the link in your preferred calendar app.

In Google Calendar, you can subscribe with the following steps:

  • Right click the “Export Events” button
  • Copy the link address
  • Go to Google Calendar
  • On the left, above “My Calendars,” click Add Add and then From URL.
  • Enter the calendar’s address in the field provided.
  • Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other calendars.”

Event Listings

What sorts of events are permitted?

In short: any event whatsoever that’s in/around the city of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. See our event listing guidelines for more information.

Can I list commercial events?


How much does event listing cost?

Basic event listings are free, because we want to have a comprehensive calendar and charging for listings would make that impossible.

Does Ballarat Buzz handle RSVPs or ticketing?

No. You can use whatever RSVP/ticketing system you like (we’re fans of Eventbrite if you’re looking for one) and simply link to your ticketing page as the web link for your event.

How can I edit an event of mine that someone else added?

Ballarat Buzz pre-populated the calendar with many events before launch. This means that some organisations will find that their events are already listed, but they can’t edit them.

If you would like to take ownership of an event that you run, please:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Contact us and let us know your Ballarat Buzz account name and the name of the event you’d like to edit.

Assuming we can confirm that you are the organiser of the event, we’ll transfer ownership to you.

When editing a recurring event, how can I change details for just one instance?

We have to break that event of from the series of events. Contact us and we’ll do this for you.

More questions about Ballarat Buzz in general

How does Ballarat Buzz intend to make money?

We will be establishing partnerships and offering paid advertising opportunities. However, basic event listings will always remain free.