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Information is provided on a best-effort basis

We can’t guarantee the accuracy of information on this website. You understand that the original event organiser is the most accurate source for information about an event, and that changes or cancellations may happen without Ballarat Buzz being aware of them. Always check event details with the original organiser.

Changes to the website

We reserve the right to:

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Accounts and security

You may create an account on Ballarat Buzz to list your own events here. When you create an account:

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Event information

When providing information about events, you must:

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  • Update or remove your event if it is changed or cancelled.

You may not post or upload information which:

  • Compromises the functionality or performance of the website.
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  • Includes advertising or promotional material other than that related to events which comply with our listing guidelines.
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Spam and abuse

We make a best-effort attempt to minimise spam and other unwanted content on Ballarat Buzz.

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